The Scottish Saltire

The Scottish Saltire

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Open wide for the airplane, bbrbrrbb

Thank goodness, it seems the migraine has finally had enough cavorting around in Mom's skull! It's left some achy footprints behind, so she's still not entirely 100% (above the neck), but at least things are calmed down enough to focus on healing below the neck.

She's giggled, as much as her stitches allow, that it's payback time. I'm helping her to pee, to eat, to get in and out of bed, and to take little baby steps down the hallway. She was so weak last night that I was able to overpower her and force-feed some pudding. We almost dribbled all over ourselves as I tried not to make her laugh, guiding the "airplane into the hangar". She's done pretty well with the food and liquids today. We graduated from the IV and she's actually consumed -- gasp! -- a half-cup of yogurt! You know you're feeling like crap when you haven't eaten since Tuesday and don't really care.

Mom probably won't be discharged before tomorrow, but things are definitely comfier and she's much more alert and coherent. She'd like to thank everyone for their phone calls, emails, flowers, and other outpourings of support and love.

Meanwhile, I think I'll pick up this phone and order some coffee!

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Anonymous said...

Yipeee!!! Has anyone told you what a good daughter you are? Well, here it is!! Connie, do what they tell you and hugs all around. Karen