The Scottish Saltire

The Scottish Saltire

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If It's Tuesday It Must Be Belgium

I went to the doctor yesterday. Everything is healing as it should. I even got back into my jeans yesterday! I've been wearing comfy pants for the last couple of weeks since the surgery and it feels so good to put on my jeans again. I feel like I'm really dressed now.

I wanted to do some traveling this summer but I didn't want to make any plans til after the surgery and until I knew if there was going to be anything else to deal with in the coming months.

Now that I know everything is OK I can make my summer plans. Shauna is coming for a few days weekend after next. Hooray! Then the middle of June I'm going back to my cousin's house in Virginia. His son Zach is graduating from high school.

Next on the itinerary is a trip to see Nikki in Germany on the 18th of June! I'm using the flight voucher with USAir that I got last July when Michael and I let ourselves get bumped on our way back from Dublin. I'll be in Germany until July 4th. We're going to go to the Rodenbach pool! Talk about memory lane! I'm hoping to get back to Paris for a few days, too.

I'll have about 3 days after I get back from Germany until it's time to use another voucher and go to Seattle! This one is through Alaska Airlines and I got it last December when I volunteered to get bumped going from Seattle to Denver. The hitch is that Alaska Airlines doesn't fly out of Pittsburgh, but they do fly out of D.C., so I'll drive to Paul's on the 8th, stay over night, leave my car with them and Paul will drop me at Reagan National the next morning. Nikki arrives on the 10th so I get 12 days with all my chickens in Seattle! Amy has offered to take me kayaking! That sounds like a blast. I'm anxious to see Michael's new car, too. He has always been very conservative and driven only what he can afford. Since he got his job at Boeing he can finally afford a nice car so he bought a 2006 Accord. Everyone says it's really nice and I'm so proud of him for waiting until he could afford it.

Nik and I both leave Seattle on the 22nd. She is going to Green Bay to spend time with the other half of our family (Wade, Sarah and little sisters) before heading back to Germany at the end of the month. I'm going to Colorado from Seattle to spend a little over a week with Ruth and Bill. I'll fly back to Seattle on the 31st and and then back to D.C. from there on the 1st of August. Paul will pick me up at the airport and I'm going to hang out with him, Genelle and the boys for the weekend. They have a boat and Paul says they are out on the river almost every weekend during the summer so that will be fun.

The other trip I want to get in this summer is a couple of weeks in Puerto Rico visiting Karen. I haven't booked anything yet. I'm still looking for a cheap ticket for the first couple of weeks in August after I get back from everything else.

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