The Scottish Saltire

The Scottish Saltire

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Out, damned spot! out, I say!

Good news! My surgery has been moved up to this coming Thursday, May 1st. I'm so glad. I've been pretty nonchalant about the whole thing so far but truth be told it has been weighing on my mind. How could it not! Hmm.....let's see, I might have ovarian cancer. I might not....but I might. It will just be good to finally know, one way or the other. I want to go to Seattle in July and to Puerto Rico sometime this summer but I've been holding off buying any plane tickets 'cause I just don't know what's in store for me over the next few months. There's also that little matter of moving to Scotland in the fall!

Benjamin Disraeli once said, "What we anticipate seldom occurs; what we least expected generally happens." It's kind of like when you worry about someone you love because they are out of pocket and you can't reach them. You imagine all kinds of terrible things that could have befallen them. Then they call and everything is OK. All of your fears turn out to be unfounded. It's always when you aren't expecting anything at all and then the phone rings and WHAM! you get blindsided by something terrible. So I figure that since I've been worrying about this for almost 3 months now (and sometimes imagining the worst!) that it will turn out to be much ado about nothing.

Sherry will take me to the hospital on Thursday. She doesn't plan on coming home until that evening so hers will probably be the first fuzzy but familiar face I see once I come around. I'll be in the hospital until Sun or Mon but I'll have my phone with me so I'll be able to talk, text, email and even blog if I feel up to it. God forbid I should be completely unplugged for 3 whole days!

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Nikki said...

Well, I can't promise that my face will be fuzzy -- although it *has* been at least 23 years since my last shaving attempt -- but it'll be happy to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!

So which first, "The History of Britain" DVD or the entire Outlander series on audiobook...??