The Scottish Saltire

The Scottish Saltire

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I've been busy all day lining up my ducks in preparation for tomorrow. Surgery is scheduled for 7:30am so we have to leave the house at 5:00am to be at the hospital two hours prior.

I'm hungry! When they say a "clear liquid diet" the day before, they might as well say "You can't eat anything". Broth, tea and jello don't count as food. They are just alternate forms of water!

I think Lucy can sense that I'm leaving. Roll your eyes if you want but she won't leave me alone today and she woke me several times last night wanting me to cuddle her. She behaved the same way the last day and night before I put her on the plane to Pittsburgh in February.

I probably won't feel much like blogging tomorrow but I'll try to get back on sometime Friday. Wish me luck!


Shauna said...

Yay, finally! Good luck!!! :) We'll all be thinking about you tomorrow. And when you come around you get to see Nik, huzzah! Hugs!

Sarah & all said...

Good Luck!! We have all our fingers and toes crossed, too!

Anonymous said...

has anyone heard anything???

Anonymous said...

Okay,so I'm feeling like a bad friend. It's been forever since I've looked at your blog and today it popped into my head. Funny how the universe works. I hope all has gone well and you are on your feet again quickly. Hugs, Karen in PR

Amy said...

Oh man... I totally sympathize with you on the "clear liquid diet" - I had that for a day once (plus laxatives for extra fun), and... man, it's hard not eating. Especially when you see one of your coworkers eating your favorite comfort food for lunch, and all you can have is... water, basically. And I'm sure it must suck even more when you're going to cut open the next day and have to be going at 5:00am. Glad you made it through, even if the ride was rough!