The Scottish Saltire

The Scottish Saltire

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Beary Good Weekend

I just had the best couple of days! Shauna came for the weekend. She landed at 9:30 yesterday morning and stayed until 6 o'clock this evening. We filled every minute!

Everyone here in Pittsburgh met Shauna back in 2001 when she and Nikki came with me on the Ocean City trip, so after we dropped Shauna's stuff off at the house our first stop was to go see Sherry's mom, Lois, who just had back surgery on Thursday and is still in the hospital. Don, Sherry's dad, was there so we spent a little time with both of them and then went over to Sherry's Aunt Peg's house to say Hi before going to lunch at Panera, a great little restaurant at the Galleria Mall. We needed sustenance for an afternoon of serious shopping! My girls are my favorite shopping partners and New York & Co. was having a big sale. Since we both needed some new summer clothes, the timing was perfect. We spent several successful hours in just that one store!

We arrived back at the house with just enough time to get showered and changed for Aunt Peg's big birthday bash. The celebratory dinner was at Jamie's, one of her favorite local restaurants. Somewhere between 70 and 80 people turned out to help Peggy celebrate her 80th birthday! We filled the restaurant's banquet room and I now know why Jamie's is a favorite. The food was great. I reintroduced Shauna to everyone throughout the evening. They all remembered her and were very happy to see her again. After dinner at least half of us reassembled at Aunt Peg's house for cake and ice cream, along with a full bar in the kitchen!

The party was still going strong when Sherry, Shauna and I left about 9:30pm. Steve had bugged out earlier to go to a friend's house so Sherry rode home with us. It was after 11 by the time we finally fell into bed. Poor Shauna had worked all day Friday, then hopped a redeye from Seattle to Pittsburgh and we had been running all day. It was definitely pillow time!

I let her sleep until 8:30am this morning, then woke her up with mommy kisses the way I used to when she was little. We started out the day with coffee while watching and transferring to my laptop the video that I shot last week when I was in Washington D.C. Then we had to try on everything we bought yesterday to be sure we still loved all of it. We did.
It was almost noon by the time we threw on our walking shoes and set out. I love the fact that my girls are both enthusiastic walkers and are always up for *Mom's 8 miler* whenever we get together. It's just too bad that we never have anything to talk about. HA! We jumped from one topic to another, to another, and another, tripping over each other's sentences and circling back around again; all the while oooing and ahhhing at the houses along the way and pointing out the ones we really liked.

Once again, by the time we found our way home, we had just enough time to each jump in the shower before we had to run out the door again. This time, though, we were off to the airport. It was a short visit but those 32 hours fed my soul.
I love you, Sugarbear......


Nikki said...

Ohhh, thank you for the entry! I savored every word and was right there with you guys. Shopping and walking and coffee-drinking with Mom... all you need is to throw in an epic Arthurian or historical saga at the movies! Me next, me next!

Connie said...

Oh how wonderful that would be...

Amy said...

Aww, that sounds so fun! I'm so glad you guys had a good weekend. If only it weren't so far... I can hardly stand the thought of getting on a plane anymore. But as soon as I can, I'll let you know ;-)