The Scottish Saltire

The Scottish Saltire

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The British Government Said YES!

My British visa arrived this morning!

It has been such a long process trying to get to this point that I can hardly believe it's actually finally happening. I feel as if I've been trying to run a marathon through a very large vat of molasses.
The last step in making this crazy dream of mine a reality was to get a visa for the UK. I was really nervous about being denied for some reason or another. There really was no good reason for the British gov't to deny me a visa but ALL my plans hinged on them approving my application so I have been really nervous about it.

The last three weeks have been excruciating! I have felt like I was going to explode from the tension of waiting. It's been difficult to concentrate on anything and occasionally I would panic and think, "OMG, what if they deny my application! What the hell will I do then?" Then I would have to calm myself and reassure me that I have everything they require of me and there is no reason to be denied. But this is still governmental bureaucracy we're talking about here. Anything could happen. So around and around I would go in my mind.

But my visa arrived this morning. They said YES! The last piece has finally fallen into place. So all systems are finally GO. I can pack my stuff, arrange for a temporary place to stay in Inverness - until I find an apt. - and buy a one-way plane ticket. Look out Scotland, here I come!


Nikki said...

-insert hysterical, relieved laughing-

Now let's go to SCOTLAND!!!

Anonymous said...

How funny. I have not looked at your blog for almost a year and I thought you left for Scotland then. Wow strange to have thought that and you aren't there yet. But then again I wasn't even sure you made it through your cancer. Glad you are alive and kicking. Good luck to you.

Probably an unwanted A blast from the past. I'll go away for another year.