The Scottish Saltire

The Scottish Saltire

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I Love Most About My MacBook

When I got my first laptop at the end of 2007 I decided to leave Windows and venture into the world of Macintosh. I've seldom regretted that decision. Yes, there is the occasional inconvenience when this or that whatever isn't compatible with a Mac but for the great majority of the time owning a MacBook has been a dream.

I could go into all the differences between a Mac and Windows and how easy it was to learn the OSX operating system and the user interface (I hope I'm using the right terminology) but if you own a Mac you already know all that stuff and if you don't own a Mac, you don't care. Truth be told, I get a little nervous when I have to use Windows now. I'm so used to what I have that Windows has become a bit foreign to me.

All that aside, though, what I really love the most about Mac Dubh ( that's it's name...pronounced "McDoo", Gaelic for son of the black one) is the magnetic power cord. You see, Mac Dubh doesn't sit stationary on a desk. He sits on my lap, or on the couch, or on the coffee table, or wherever. So the power cord is all over the place and I can't tell you how many times over the last year and a half that I have caught it with my foot as I get up to walk away. If that little power cord were securely attached I would have killed Mac Dubh a hundred times over by now. But, as it is, when klutzy me can't lift my foot high enough to avoid the cord, it just pops right off and my little black MacBook feels nary a jolt.

I have no idea who, at Apple, came up with the idea of a magnetically attached power cord but what a fabulous feature. If it has saved my laptop so many times, then I can't be the only MacBook owner out there who has silently thanked that anonymous person, either just before or just after calling myself a dork for catching the cord....again.

Oh yeah, and Mac Dubh says thanks, too!


Anonymous said...

Connie it sounds as if you and Mac are very happy!!!!! Congratulations! Not the first time you have fallen for a guy right? I hope it's not the last!!

Amy said...

Magsafe = awesome :)

Living with a mac fanboy, I hear all about the virtues of the mac... I love the hardware, but I think the software is more a matter of what you're used to. I used to be able to do far more on Linux than Win, and for a while I used both and was hardly aware of which I had on at any given time until I went to look for particular programs like bash (not in Windows) or iTunes (not on Linux).

Steven said...

Macs scare me, though I have no real reason. I think they're too shiny and clever, like they might tell better jokes than me along with all the other computery stuff they do. I'll probably give in when the toshiba laptop I just bought crashes and dies. Kudos on the Craig Ferguson bit by the way!

Marci said...

I'm with you Conster! Macs rule : ) And that magnetic cord connection has been a life saver when rambunctious cats are tearing up the house and I'm trying to work. Ever seen a cat get caught up on your power cord? Its not good.