The Scottish Saltire

The Scottish Saltire

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Travels Continue......

I'm sitting on Ruth and Bill's back patio up on this beautiful hill just outside of Gypsum Colorado. Today is Monday and I arrived here last Tuesday from Seattle.

I had such a good time spending two weeks in Seattle with all of my kids. Nikki flew out to Green Bay on the same day that I flew to Denver. On Saturday of the last weekend all 3 kids, Steve and I went downtown to do the obligitory Seattle Harbor tour. They had all taken the tour before but I hadn't and it was a perfect day to be out on the water. So we bought our tickets, boarded the boat and found great seats on the upper deck in preparation for the 1 hour tour. The running commentary from the guide was very interesting but the young woman with the microphone had the most annoying voice! Everyone has their own personal cadence when speaking and this girl was very slow and deliberate. It seemed like she drew out every word to twice its natural length. Aside from that it was an enjoyable hour. We even got to see 3 bald eagles, 2 adults and a juvenile, sitting on a barge that was anchored out in the harbor. After the tour we poked around Pike Place Market for several hours. There was lots to see and do.

The next day we drove over to the peninsula to Sequim, Wa. to the annual Lavender Festival. We visited four different lavender farms and I think we ate our way through each one! We had lavender sausages, lavender chicken, lavender grilled salmon, lavender ice cream, lavender cheesecake and let's not forget the lavender margueritas!! Lavender has a very light flavor and who knew you could use it the same way you use any other garden herb? Well, evidently just about everybody except me. I thought it was used only to make things smell good. I had no idea you could cook with it, too! The last thing we did was to visit one of
U-Pick fields so Shauna could take home her own little bundle of freshly picked fragrance.

On Monday evening we grilled at Steve and Shauna's with Ron and his younger brother, Orrie. After dinner Amy came over. She stayed the night so to be there in the morning to take Nikki and me to the airport. I didn't get to spend as much time with Amy as I would have liked to this visit. Michael and 2 others are still renting her townhouse but Amy herself moved in with John several months ago and now lives in Issiquah, which is a bit south of Seattle. So it was nice for Nikki and me to get a little more time with her just before leaving town.
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