The Scottish Saltire

The Scottish Saltire

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Drivers (and pedestrians) Beware!

Look out Pittsburgh! Steven Ray Phy became a licensed driver today! This is a really big day in the life of just about every teenager and it's no different for Steve. He has been on a high all day long. The first thing he did was (of course!) to beg the car from his mother. First pick up his cousin Billy, before driving to his grandparents' house, to show off his newly acquired level of independence. I don't think he stayed too long. He spent the rest of the afternoon chauffeuring his friends around the suburb of Mt. Lebanon. When dinnertime came Steve asked for pizza. So guess who volunteered to go pick it up? Sherry is trying to convince him that the car still belongs to her and that he is not going to be able to just jump in and go whenever he pleases. I can just see them now...thumb wrestling for the car keys! I've actually let Steve drive my car several times since I've arrived. He's a pretty good driver for a beginner but then I've only seen him drive with an adult sitting next to him. The real question is... How does he drive on his own? Only time and the Mt. Lebanon police department will tell!


Anonymous said...

Connie, Just want you to know that you are in mine and Lloyd's thoughts and prayers. Virginia

Nikki said...

Congratulations, Steve!!!

Hang in there, just a couple more years and you'll have your own household -- even if just a dorm room or 1/4 of a tiny apartment, whatever it turns out to be, it'll be ALLLL yours. In the meantime, enjoy the new level of independence! And be very very grateful to those nice ladies for letting you drive their babies!!! (If it were my 1989 Toyota, that'd be a different story ;) )